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Ceramic sculpture and religious tea cups mugs ceramic

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
tea cups mugs ceramic sculpture and religious relations are very close. Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Confucianism material is often used as an inspiration, including religious figures, religious stories, a common Buddha, Guanyin, Lohan, Bodhidharma, the Eight Immortals, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and Confucius, Mencius, etc., and with them the statue the story.

However, the religious themes are not necessarily religious art works. I think, in the ceramic sculptures, many religious subjects can not be classified as works of religious art, religious doctrine can not be understood as propaganda, but the artists by religious themes, through the art of shaping life-like image, the performance of their aesthetic taste, aesthetic ideas, feelings and aesthetic pursuit of the aesthetic, there is a strong secular tendencies and folk art colors. Therefore, one can not see the Goddess of Mercy, Ocean statue that it is the religious art.

Of course, the relationship between religion and art is very complex. Religious themes were often works of art to worship as a religious statue, this phenomenon is not difficult to understand. Hegel pointed out long ago. "Art and the closest higher level than in the field of arts is religion," "religion often use art to make us feel better the truth of religion, or religious truth with an image that to the imagination; In this case, Art really is a different department and its services "workers.

Cai Jing Thirty-three-inch mark that year hit, "the South China Sea Point Ao dripping Guanyin," Goddess of Mercy because it is subject not only be welcomed, the idea is more important is that it Kit Kat, a beautiful shape convey the spirit of the liberation of the information and artistic achievements . You know, this piece is the beginning of reform and opening up in Guangzhou in 1978, then on display in Hong Kong.

LIU Yuan-long "Flying Tiannvsanhua" background of the times, too, it is also a Buddhist theme. Fly every day in the Buddhist art in the female voice of God as incense, to play music, good dancing, covered Xiang Fu, wearing ribbons, figure to be light, up and down swing, free to fly in heaven and earth, the flowers spread worldwide and brought to the world beautiful. The author is "Responding to such a beautiful image, so good art, such a glorious tradition, always stirred my desire to create" 2 and creation. The author not only created an image of the Buddhist goddess of Hong tone, more importantly, created a good image of the beautiful goddess. Similarly, he created the "ha ha Lohan," Lohan also is not only an ordinary image, while a smile of life, tolerance, the secular attitude of life characters. Xu Bo, the "Three Monks Dream" not only the representation is "a monk carrying water, two boys boy, two boys no food," is convulsed and somewhat chilling scenario, more importantly, reflects the covered in this inspiring artistic image of the philosophy of this world. The peak of the "fun Lohan" can not do it as a purely religious Lohan's image, but the artist's aesthetic feelings ignited, it conveys the "fun" to get the viewer a kind of aesthetic pleasure. Dharma as the theme to work is not focused on the image of his religion, but his years of perseverance that will face the wall the United States and the spirit of disdain for earthly beauty. "Eight Immortals" Characterization, of course, realizing the refined elegance of the eight immortals pass away the personality of the United States, but more importantly, are entitled to the artist's thoughts and feelings and aesthetic taste.

I can not deny that there is no pure art Cidiao religious statue. I think that in today's reform and opening up, we should with open eyes to look at and deal with everything. Even the statue, but also artists, "according to the laws of the United States" and shaping. They can also be aesthetic objects. The taboo is always the same artistic creation and routinization. In artistic creation, subject matter is not good or bad, beauty and ugliness, good or bad, the key is the artist's aesthetic sense and artistic expression. Works of art on religious matters, too, can be art treasures, He Chaozong, travel eldest son, had long rise, Chaikin Taiwan and other work is the case.
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