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Ceramics export enterprises sublimation ceramic mug with lid

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export ceramic mug Chamber of Commerce held its second working session of the fourth president. Deputy General Manager of Shandong Jin Shao silver like the wind, said export enterprises in China Ceramics are facing multiple pressures. Face situation, general manager of Tangshan Ceramic Co., Ltd. Sun Jing Ti out of the 14 words, that "corporate turn around the market, the market turn around the brand", the proposed business and brand from the market to seek answers.
The face of the EU will export enterprises in China Ceramics rumors of an anti-dumping, head of Enterprise Group in Guangxi tricyclic Yu Liang Feng frankly, they are already psychologically prepared for this. According to industry sources, 101 from the just concluded session of the Canton Fair view, EU customers based on needs and interests, the reaction of anti-dumping is not sensitive to price changes caused by rising costs has become the importer and Chinese ceramics enterprises Game the key. Custom sublimation ceramic mug with lid
As a labor-intensive and resource-intensive industries, China's cheap labor and raw materials, ceramics products in the international market has certain cost advantages. With the export tax rebate rate cut, the RMB appreciation, increase the price of labor, fuel, raw materials such as ceramic glaze and water prices continue to rise, leading to the rising cost of daily-use ceramics exports, the price advantage and gradually weakened, squeezed corporate profit margins are substantial. Chairman Linda Xiang Ceramics Co., Ltd. Guangdong Shunxiang that enterprises to increase export costs will be at least 20%. Sun Jing said that compared with 2003, the current loss of net profit of enterprises is about 80 million yuan / year.
Ceramics is a resource-based, high energy consumption and high pollution industries, to produce 1 ton of product will consume 600 kWh, or 2.5 tons of standard coal, and water and air are causing serious pollution. For energy saving considerations, the Government of ceramic products may further decline in the export tax rebate rate, which makes ceramics for daily business quite a lot of worries. Linda Xiang said that energy saving measures for government, business very supportive, but I hope that the government keep the relative stability of the policy, tax rates do not cut too fast, should be adequate period of adaptation to the enterprise.
Sun Jing that soon, China's labor advantage will be India, Vietnam and other countries to replace, the enterprise should have a sense of crisis this. The face of low-profit era, ceramics enterprises should actively change their ideas, and constantly adjust the market structure, expand market space. In the long run, companies can also keep their own advantages at the same time, explore other areas of structural adjustment.
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