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Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Recently, Custom white ceramic mugs a reporter from Shandong Zibo Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, approved by the Shandong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau published "Zibo Ceramics: High-quality porcelain, quartz," "Zibo Ceramics: strengthening magnesia porcelain" and five local standards, on September 25 officially implemented. Released after the implementation of these standards, will effectively improve the quality of ceramic products in Zibo, Zibo ceramic to promote industrial upgrading.

"Zibo Ceramics" series of local standards led by the ceramics company in Shandong Province, part of the inspection of ceramic production enterprises and institutions involved in the development. Secretary for Quality Supervision Bureau of Zibo City, Lin Ping, said in an interview, only the high standards have high-quality, standards testing organization based on the production and delivery, five local standards are independent intellectual property rights of enterprises in Zibo, the the indicator higher than the corresponding national standards. Zibo Ceramics Series places the implementation of standards is the quality of Zibo City by city and an important measure brand strategy.

This year, Zibo City, Zibo Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision closely around the city government to create "contemporary country kiln," a series of work plans to promote the Zibo ceramic culture, raising the "Zibo ceramic, contemporary country kiln" brand influence, as the goal, development of product standards, the registered trademark of geographical indications as a starting point to actively promote industrial development in Zibo.

Silicon Court Bureau and Shandong New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Zibo Huaguangtaoci Company and other units to work together based on the status of the ceramic industry in Zibo City, to advanced technology, economic rationality, pulled up the industry, feasible goal, rapidly Zibo Ceramics series of standards development work. In order to obtain the basic data standards, the council has and Jiangxi Ceramics Testing Center, the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of ceramic products, ceramic products in Shandong Province Quality Supervision, Inspection Station, Shandong Province, public technical service platform for the ceramic industry and other units of the enterprise sampling Physical and chemical indicators of comprehensive testing, test data more than 2,500. Zibo Quality Supervision Bureau has held more than 10 business executives and technical professionals holding forums, seminars, widely levied Binzhou, Dezhou, Weihai and Linyi, opinions and suggestions of all producing companies, after 8 revised, and finally completed the drafting of Zibo Ceramics "high quartz porcelain", "synthetic bone" and "A magnesia strengthen porcelain", "stoneware", "ceramic sculpture," the five criteria of Shandong Province. Meanwhile, Zibo City, proposed by the development of "magnesia reinforced porcelain" project application of national standards, the National Standardization Management Committee has formally approved the project, at present, the council has started drafting a comprehensive development work, for before the end of the manuscript.

Zibo city quality supervision departments to give full play the role of technical institutions, in time for enterprises to provide the text of Zibo Ceramics local standards and related information, according to local standard series of efficient, accurate and impartial inspection, issued by the authority for the regional brand and quality of the user inspection report, and further strengthen law enforcement supervision, Dajiazhilie, optimizing the development environment for the implementation of local standards to create a good atmosphere for the "Zibo ceramic, contemporary country kiln" to create conditions for the healthy development of the brand.
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