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Jingdezhen Porcelain ceramic mug

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It is understood that the fertilizer trade fairs are open Jingdezhen porcelain ceramic mug locals. Before coming to fertilizer, they owner of a local Investment Centre Chus at five or six million to pay costs, the other is the sponsor, said in Hefei Hunde mature, can handle all aspects to ensure services in place, and promising market. April 15, more than 30 more than 80 vendors came to Hefei and Chus boss, with a value of tens of millions of porcelain, the city gate in the original Fantasy appliances, furniture Yaohai Parking world began a 20-day marketing activities. Not less than two days, organizers figure the boss gone, can not contact the phone no longer. Business did not look like each other and moving as promised, and water and electricity have met with great trouble, the Licensee helpless, bite the bullet and the bullet. Starting from April 21 to May 10 due, everyone liquidation, sold only 1,000 yuan up to the cargo, the average sales of only three or four hundred dollars, there are a few barely moved. And the early payment of tens of thousands have been compared to costs, not a large sum of money instead of subsidizing.

"Second front" effect is even worse

Contract expires May 10, after contact, they "fought" to the Paradise Hotel near the park entrance of the open space of East Courtyard. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Parkview hotel entrance, we saw a large open space filled with colored porcelain, colorful, crafts and daily necessities which the majority. But no customers, stall holders are not chat is playing cards, sleeping. The event, according to the country roots that lead one week, they had hoped and more wealthy people here, Wang will be more popular, only to the situation here is worse. Ten thousand dollars and pay the site fee, water and electricity, but every day, customers are few. Zhou said that more than a week ago, only a few sales a little, 80% of the booth that did not move. Intended to maintain life, and now even the tolls do not go back, even to eat will become the problem. Conversations, the Licensee who look worried. This reporter saw at the hotel entrance, all the stall holders are playing the ground floor with a tent, eat and drink Lazard are all here. Is said to go before the exhibition, stall holders live hostels, eat eating out. There are a lot of Licensee a family population here, big wet ground after the rain, mosquitoes and more old people and children also followed a suffer.
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