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Song Yi-wave ceramic da Gama: stable development of enterprises bigger and stronger

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Confusion in the industry in 2010 custom ceramic ice cream mug, da Gama total sales increased by 20% year on year, dealers increase of 28%. Song Yi, general manager of da Gama Ceramic Ben Wang wave in an interview that the good results is our unity of effort. In 2010, da Gama marketing team to pitch in solidarity, forge ahead, around the main line of strong end-market demand forward, objective realities and market challenges facing a serious, rising costs continue to resist pressures, timely adjustment of marketing strategy, rapid transition to further strengthen the product support system so that products in the color, style, design and support on both, with varying degrees of breakthroughs.

Dominate the market of network marketing

After da Gama's research team found that network marketing with remarkable results. So in 2010 the company has with Chinese ceramic network, the Chinese tile network industries, real estate Web sites have set up cooperation, increase promotion efforts. Songzong Jiang stressed that now the consumers, especially after 80, very few of these consumers shop directly at the dealer signing, but after visiting the building materials market, and then on the network than the election of each brand, and finally make a choice; In addition, consumers search directly in the network, and then look for the brand's local agents. To this end, da Gama in 2010 broaden the network resources of ceramic, with the agents of information and integration advantages, make the best channel choice, so that by 2010 30% of new customers from the network.

Innovation, energy saving trends conform to

In 2010, the theme of building ceramics industry can not do without energy conservation, the current corporate standards are not being forced to close, and the range of punishment. Da Gama Ceramic respond to national call, actively cooperate with the government in energy conservation, it is also to innovate technologically, the replacement of equipment.

In order to implement energy-saving and emission reduction, the company has also developed "da Gama industrial innovation incentives," the outstanding contributions of engineers and internal staff with incentive mechanisms, including raw materials suppliers and designers, distributors, and even Consumers have the opportunity to enjoy the rewards of innovation.

In addition, the da Gama also invited foreign experts to give lectures enterprises, and scheduled to participate in such exhibition in Bologna, Italy, and Spain to strengthen glaze, Italian design company's depth of cooperation. Currently, the da Gama development of high technology, on the one hand the trend of thinning response to the tiles, on the other hand increase the artistic elements of the implant, so that products with high added value.

Increased dealer support efforts to maximize benefits for

By dealers through the area, the conduct of R & D center and other means to be severely punished, da Gama dealers to ensure that their sales of fair competition in the country to achieve greater market interest. In addition, the company implemented the national "good price", to effectively regulate the market price system management.

Meanwhile, the company also increased efforts to support the dealer to help them establish networks and other distribution channels, targeted marketing elite to organize distribution of practitioners across the country etiquette, product knowledge and sales skills training, improve its marketing capabilities and combat operations.

Outlook 2011, the total, said Song, da Gama Ceramic basis in 2010 to continue efforts to increase product support, and vigorously support the store at the same time, but also to implement the corporate culture. Song always say da Gama in 2011 is to give the soul of the year.

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