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Guangdong identified eight meals three without ceramic tea excessive heavy metals

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Be careful what you eat with the ceramic bowls and spoons custom ceramic mug manufacturers, they are likely to be heavy metal seriously exceeded the "three no products!" Yesterday, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Industry and Commerce Bureau announced last year commodity circulation monitoring of Ceramics: Ceramics of 120 random meal tea commodities, 23 of heavy metals exceeded or other serious quality problems, and 72 models is no name, no name and no site of the "three no products." Ceramics for daily meals for the tea market turmoil, the provincial industry and commerce will play from June 1 to carry out large-scale special inventory.

There is a product of heavy metals exceeding up to 13 times

It is reported that the business sector in the province-wide sample of ceramics for daily meals of 120 tea. Test results found that 23 serious problems the quality of goods, especially heavy metals lead, cadmium exceeded. "The monitoring of lead and cadmium exceeded eight of products, most of the exceeding several times! This is what people used to eat it!" Yesterday, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, Deputy Director of Consumer Protection Industry Chen Huai bitter. Disqualified from the published list of journalists found that a nominal production of inexpensive river lip 8-inch square porcelain dish, cadmium actually exceeded 13 times the national standard; The other, a sampling from Zhanjiang to the "big needle key" , lead leaching higher than 5.3 times the national mandatory standards.

China National Light Industry Quality Supervision and Testing of ceramic decoration materials Guangzhou station, said Zhang Jianhong, performing businesses in the ceramics production process, in order to make the glaze evenly bright, in the glaze, add the excess paint lead and cadmium. "But the ceramics of lead, cadmium when exposed to heat, the most easily dissolved by acids, and with the food into the body. Lead and cadmium are toxic heavy metals, if long-term exposure, will affect the person's blood, nerves, kidneys and other organ function, to bring great harm to human health, especially children. "

Liu Cheng inspected goods are "three non-product"

It is learned that heavy metals exceeding eight products, there are seven "three no products." Chen Huai said industry, not only that, check the quality problems in the substandard goods, most of them are the "three non-products", many of whom are in the high-end products. "Ceramic tea itself is not India trademarks meal is allowed, but required, packaging is a must have name, name and address, such as Certificate of Conformity." Chen Huai industry respect, by examining the business sector found that the current circulation at the Guangdong ceramic products of the "three noes" of the more common, there are 72 of the inspection, according to law shall indicate the name of goods, name and address, as high as 60%. Industrial and commercial department, said the site is not the make the meal tea, as the producer can not be held responsible, regulators failed commodities is difficult to trace. Once the problem occurs, consumers only

June will be a large-scale inventory from

It is reported that the unqualified products, to find the manufacturer, the business sector will issue "administrative proposal", proposal to immediately stop sales of substandard goods manufacturers such as; not find the manufacturer, dealer directly under the relevant issued the "Administrative Disclosure Statement", in addition to immediate sale of substandard goods, but also the establishment of product purchase inspection and acceptance system to ensure the future to ensure the quality of goods from the supply channel.

Trade and Industry Bureau will be starting from June 1, check special regulation for large-scale. "If in June, the remains found in ceramics for daily meal tea business for sale 'three non-product', the business sector will be investigated and dealt with according to law." Huai Chen also called on industry, consumers can call the hotline at 12315 or log on Trade and Industry Bureau of Guangdong Province Web site (www. report.

Warning: Sims share colorful meal tea

Zhang Jianhong, said the more colorful ceramic tea set meals, excessive amounts of heavy metals may be greater. Because in the process of decals, lead, cadmium will help make it better, especially the stick side with silver inlay of gold and other ceramic utensils. Zhang Jianhong Weapon: "In simple terms, ceramic tea set meal pattern better, colors are better, white ceramic tea meal Relatively speaking, the quality will be better."

Trade and Industry Bureau said that if the consumer buys the release of substandard products, according to "Food Safety Law", the operator may be required to return and make ten times the compensation. Detailed list of unqualified products can log Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau website. custom ceramic coffee mug

Seriously exceeded eight heavy ceramic dishes tea:

Name nominal manufacturer or supplier Name of failed projects

8-inch square porcelain dish lip Lian River exceeded 13 times the amount of cadmium

8-inch dish bursts of Maoming City Department of grocery wholesale and retail of lead, cadmium, respectively, 2 and 5 times exceeding

Maoming City, 14-inch fish plate porcelains grocery store cadmium exceeding 2 times

10-inch fish plate Maoming Nan Chiau Mao Jian shops cadmium exceeding 0.79 times

Small bend spoons (gold baby delivery Fook) Ltd, Dongguan City, Auspicious Garden Trade supermarket stores of lead, cadmium, respectively, exceeding 2 times

Phnom Penh City Guancheng spoon shop Ceramics Wall exceeding 1.7 times the amount of lead leaching

6.5-inch fruit bowl Guancheng Dongguan Yifeng grocery store cadmium exceeding 3.6 times

Zhanjiang City, a large needle key for all music (23.76,0.09,0.38%) Ltd. exceeded 5.3 times the amount of lead leaching

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