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Frequent relocation chaos expansion ceramic ceramic enterprises encounter difficulties

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
According to ceramic mug a press in a number of areas of the survey showed that as many local governments without science, long-term planning, blindly launched ceramic items, and mandatory energy conservation policies in the country under the pressure of making a lot of businesses move to new areas into dilemma of the situation.

Summary of the past, lessons learned and future prospects. 2010 has just passed left to the ceramic industry is a chain on the market, the cost of producing the environment, energy conservation policy sigh. And has started it in 2011 also began turning the wheel of history. As the industry before 2010 and the disorderly, madly outside the chaos posed by the expansion will inevitably continue to affect until 2011. Faced with such a variety of circumstances, in the new year, the companies how to deal with? What should do?

Relocation companies face difficulties

After a good start in early 2010, the ceramic industry trends along the rugged, ups and downs. Into the second half, not only appeared in the shackles of terminal sales, production processes and the difficulties appear in unexpected factors also enable enterprises to much suffering.

"Sudden" in the strict energy conservation policies, such as a plague-like upset a lot of business activity, from a limited power to the power and then power off, producing from one to multiple areas, from order consolidation to be relocated, Some areas to start the cycle with the old road of Foshan.

Some local government investment when, leaving companies regret. Ago, the printing of ceramic Siu Pong was rumored to move back from the Hunan, Guangdong, and business dissatisfaction with the local investment environment. Have also had the ceramic enterprises, revealed to reporters a place to invest and build factories in Jiangxi, late because of the decision not to enter into the local industrial park, but another construction site. Investment policy and the beginning of the Government's commitment to all enterprises in the same park, and has been coordinating the relationship with which the villagers, some local residents will not be forced to transport vehicles stopped their pay "protection money" and other acts.Custom ceramic mug with lid and spoon

"Blocking the back did not, but the door into a block factory." The company official said. September of the day, the person in charge of leading the South Korean businessmen during a visit to the factory, met the villagers blocked the factory gate to ask "pollution fee" and "damages" the scene. Villagers said the factory's production company into their pond water, pollution of the water environment resulting in fish production cuts to companies from 2 to 30,000 of the cost of pollution control costs or losses. The wrong person in charge shouted, "We not only own a sewage treatment plant tank, inner loop to handle it, and we simply drain the pond they are very far away from the thing. This is blatant extortion." "Government?" "to the two people sitting around drinking two cups of tea looked left, did not say anything, then people had not seen." the official said, after the Government has not come forward to resolve the matter, plant and stalemate with the villagers, tug of war in general. "Afraid of a beginning to this money back do not know what money means waiting for us." He shook his head helplessly.

As Dr. Yin in his column that "a lot of Foshan ceramic enterprises in the provinces by the local government or 'civilian' whipped, when I heard." This is not an example of the two encounter. Foshan held in July, "2010, producing the first scientific development of Chinese ceramics Roundtable Forum" and enterprise to government department heads here that these people encountered difficulties, however, not much really gets resolved.

Due to the construction of production sites, not all sites of the question. Companies have such experience in the investment at the beginning, the local government will have a lot of commitments and policies, such as infrastructure, to give a "five in one" "Six and one leveling" or even "seven connections and one leveling" and other construction, but business stationed in the park or the local post-construction facilities often face the situation can not keep building needs.

What is more, some areas of convergence industry transfer, initially very favorable to the enterprise policy, and even handed enterprises in the hands of land certificates. Some land use or even illegal operations, not batch front-end (not awarded first use, enjoy an award) and then after completing the formalities, not only to land and resources has brought irreparable damage, also to the corporate contract can not be settled tremendous losses. Clean industrial park in early events occurring in this case has become the best proof. Although the matter has been resolved now, but the damage to the enterprise and the shadows and the loss of the government's reputation is irreparable.

Even more thing happened, but because the urgent need for land, business risk awareness to prevent relatively thin, often locked in a number of commitments. Demand for land for production and urgency has become "hungry" the main reason.


The desire to ground can be traced back to around 2006, when it is implemented throughout the large scale in Foshan, "the cage for a bird" to close, transfer of high energy consumption, high pollution, the "double high" peak industry. These face closure, transfer of ceramic enterprises and both are removed from many years in this industry, and digging a huge economic benefits.

"Either from the emotional point of view or from an economic point of view, no one will not easily withdraw their familiar industry. Although at the time the Government has pledged to implement if the company shut down in accordance with policy, will give companies a certain degree of compensation funds, but with normal production and compared the economic benefits generated, simply drop in the bucket. "A time will be transferred to the Jiangxi base of the ceramic high-security business owners told reporters that forced the then environment, business to continue operating, the only way is to find ways to move outward, looking for new investments.

Indeed, the Foshan area was closed, the corresponding transfer of the ceramic industry, the country's many local governments especially those in agriculture as the mainstay, weak industrial base in the Midwest town, this time the development of industries, particularly the revitalization of the demand for county economy urgent. Foshan, at a time when, no doubt for their investment, following provides an opportunity for industry transfer. According to people familiar with the relevant case was recalled, and the scene of the most spectacular time, Foshan day there will be 7-8 from across the country held local government investment in this Fair, a ceramics business day of receiving the investment staff as much as ten dial, and out of the conditions, policies very attractive.

This is the first round of Foshan ceramic enterprises wave of emigration.

In fact, for those who carried out as early as 2006 years ago and the success of the relocation of enterprises, their vision of much industry recognition. Dongpeng such plant in Zibo, in the high security, the new plant in Sanshui, Foshan, the source is true, then these companies will not only avoid the various "catastrophe", also won after the transfer to seize market opportunities. If the new source has been built throughout the country ten production bases, the new Pearl Foshan Sanshui, Zhaoqing Lu-step, high-security production base in Jiangxi Province is already quite mature, Jiangxi Pearl products in the local market accounted for almost half of the country, Dongpeng in Shandong, Jiangxi, production base in Hunan have also been very sound, these early industrial expansion of the company is now on the market in the third and fourth level is the upper hand.

The consequent is the second relocation, the new round of outward expansion binge. "In other people are in the layout of the national market, there are several people can sit is maintained? Early start for the strong, late start with regret, not too late to start now." Prepared in Hunan to build a production line that says the owner of ceramic enterprises .

"After all, this is in fact the interests of both the drive. Enterprises to expand, the government should performance, the two sides hit it off." For nearly two years of Foshan ceramic enterprises increased outward expansion, the local government to undertake the development of ceramic industry Reduobujian phenomenon tiles, Foshan European sales manager Xia Guangming Jue says. "According to the conditions out of the local government policy, business investment and how much money you can get a return, the same can be obtained through investment and how much tax revenue performance, this account who will be counted."

Xia Guangming views with reporters in early November 2010 survey in areas around the country in chaos, some areas of Henan, an official on the "Local Government to actively develop the ceramic industry, in addition to the revitalization of the county economy, another important reason is This can be through the provision of career development of local government officials the importance of political capital, "the words and the match.

According to report, building ceramics industry and other industries at every turn 3 years or 5 years in terms of construction speed, the construction of fast, effective, and in the local administration can see the actual term economic benefits. And this view has been more successful sample: Jiangxi Gao'an (county-level cities) was transferred to former party secretary of Jiangxi Jingdezhen City Deputy Mayor, former secretary of Hubei Province was transferred to a Qichun prefecture Municipal Committee , Liaoning Province of the library was transferred to the former county party secretary, department of Shenyang, an important number one, Jiajiang County of Sichuan Province will be transferred to a county party secretary of the prefecture-level city's main leader, and others.

"Industry is not madness, not the line." Xia Guangming said

Chaos to continue

In fact, corporate madness brought about adverse effects of the expansion has caused the industry's attention. Previously, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, Miao Bin, Secretary-General told reporters on the proposed 2010 national sales of the pottery-producing areas are not ideal, product homogeneity serious, resulting in serious disorderly competition, intense price war spread throughout the industry, corporate reputation is mixed.

"This kind of disorder, the current state of chaos has not been checked, but has become worse. If this continues, each firm will be getting smaller and smaller living space, will lead to the development of market competition was sick, business and enterprise will appear between the unscrupulous, the phenomenon of cannibalism. "above Xia Guangming said.

According to him, at present, many private factory line of credit has cast over the previous few years, several times, life is very difficult. And the credit situation is now slowly to penetrate the field of tiles and antique tiles over, especially in the ceramic field behave more prominent. "Now customers do tiles will be credit to the manufacturers, and as a means of bargaining. In fact, tiles in this area, we will not give dealer credit before, but since the market competition, and some open After a precedent, we now have to give. Some companies some customers tiles in a city the amount of annual sales at 200 million people, but to give them hundreds of thousands of credit, you go in this business also how to live? "

In addition, according to several business owners told reporters reflect ceramics, with ceramic enterprises around the construction followed by a decline in profits year after year. "In a word, everything in the country increased substantially, but only the price of tile rate of increase is not much." Said the owner of a ceramics business.

So all the worry, the industry has made many people feel overwrought. "Speaking before the reshuffle will be when the ceramic industry, we may feel that this is just a gimmick, and even some alarmist. But according to this rate of expansion, the industry will inevitably shuffle, and the shuffle will be very brutal, a large number of companies do not have a living space, will be closed collapse. "Xia Guangming told this reporter that the form of the future also will be more severe. "In the national form, Foshan ceramic enterprises in the expansion enclosure around the tip of the iceberg. In the absence of scientific management and planning, there are many shares will be invisible forces that emerge within two or three years."

"A lot of local units and individuals funded wholly or financing will be taken step by step into the ceramic industry to get involved. There are many channels operating in the ceramic very successful dealer, through years of operation they have accumulated a relatively strong capital , but also a very good basis for terminal operation experience and channels, so that there will be a considerable number of dealers, especially businessmen in Fujian, they will themselves to build factories, or OEM, inserted into the industry. "

"In addition, some private cast is quite strong plant will establish their own production lines, there are already done in this respect more successful business. If you throw a furniture factory of its products occupy a certain market share, he would certainly consider their own investment in building production lines, their production of brick. himself used up, he will sell it to someone else, then the other will follow the construction of private polishing factory production line. In addition, companies will have to do OEM production line may be built together. "

In the Xia Guangming, these are the future of the force, so many forces emerge if all, the future market situation can be imagined. Even more worrying is that many local governments in the ceramic investment companies now investing Shique wish for, "it is all over the country have led to ceramic production line, leading the entire industry of disorder, the development was crazy situation, the source of expansion."

"From 2010 to 4,5 months after the sale of the entire industry in a slump for the situation. Situation in the industry in 2010 with the 'halves' is more appropriate to describe, and the tail can sweep in 2011 tail. can be said that throughout 2011, if all ceramic kiln enterprises, the production line stopped in 2011, not a lack of products on the market. because the total amount of inventory on hand dealers combined, greater than his works in inventory more than 10 times. "Xia Guangming said this led to the current situation facing the entire industry or the next step will further aggravate the situation in chaos, there are two basic reasons, a country's macroeconomic policies, including real estate regulation compulsory energy-saving and emission reduction. Another aspect is the expansion of the ceramic industry itself has led to great disorder capacity, and these markets can not absorb the production capacity.

In fact, all the chaos similar to many people in the industry said that if the industry hopes one day have to fear in the market confusion, so that enterprises can not go to investment, expansion, this possibility is very small, real solution lies in the root of the government's macro-control and long-term planning. "Local governments should be based on the basic situation and the various parts of the local characteristics of the resource environment surrounding a local industry, rational planning, planning for the development of what good local industry, rather than to scrambled all staring at the ceramic industry. Like Shunde, as Shunde, not local, but the area has its own characteristics of each town industries, Chencun trading base of flowers, Lecong with furniture, steel market, known for Beijiao to household electrical appliance enterprises and so on, so on the form a variety of regional economic structure. another perspective, a large scale throughout China by the local characteristics should the layout of such a pattern of economic development. "

Outward expansion should be more careful

The face of chaos, in fact, most industry professionals are aware, not just a government blind investment or investment companies unilateral crazy reason. Many experts pointed out that the Government must develop the local economy, not counting the enterprise after the introduction of "sharpening" that it can allow mercy, but really to develop local investment soft environment for business growth and expansion, so real companies make money, the government can make more money and performance.

As a senior industry practitioners, Xia Guangming above the rate of expansion that the industry does too fast, the Government and industry should be a difference, to scientifically reasonable to guide planning and development of the industry. If you continue to the current high-speed, or even crazy situation to develop the expansion, resulting in a huge production capacity, and repeated construction, but also caused a great waste of resources and the current corporate and brand so much competition in the market are struggling.

And for enterprises, the next step, the next step has been the relocation of enterprises should seriously think about is how to root down, there is no relocation of the corporate relocation is being considered to conduct a comprehensive analysis should be better.

Many enterprise leaders, said in 2010, Siu Pong events and Qingyuan to move back to land violation alert is worthy of a major event within the industry. These will give future consideration of the relocation or expansion of enterprises played out a warning, they will take this as an example, extra careful. Including Gaoyao, Yun Ping, and other places restrictions on electricity, power measures, but also allow companies time to consider relocation if the local government commitment to the development of ceramic industry, and whether it is suitable for the development of local ceramic industry.

With the above events, the future of enterprise from outside would not necessarily slow down the pace of expansion, but how many will be wary and cautious.
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