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Low-carbon economy is a force to be wary of the ceramic industry has barriers to trade

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
2010, "low-carbon economy" can be said that one of the most popular Custom ceramic mugs with gold handle words. Since the Copenhagen Climate Conference, the "low carbon" has become the industry attention. Economic development model in the transformation of industrial structure transformation and upgrading critical juncture, "low carbon" as we pointed out a realistic and scientific development. After a year of efforts to energy saving, clean production as the main content of the carbon ceramic is deeply rooted among the ceramics industry for promoting the transformation and upgrading of an important "starting point."

However, most of the ceramics enterprises in the country, "low carbon" consciousness just awakening, and began to put into the occasion, a new trade barriers - the "carbon footprint" has been quietly brewing in the developed countries started forming. According to reports, the European Union and some countries in response to low-carbon economy is facing a new situation of foreign trade, are beginning to impose "carbon footprint" label. Currently, France has enacted laws, announced that from July 2011 onwards, all products sold in France must provide "carbon footprint" label; the International Committee for Standardization on the "carbon footprint" label to international standards ISO14067 have been completed the formulation of the draft plan promulgated in 2011. In China, the National Development and Reform Commission is working with the Standards Institute, Quality Certification Center and other institutions to develop domestic products of the "carbon footprint" label certification.

Having just finished "primary" courses, with China's manufacturing industry will face a "test" of the papers.

As a global manufacturing, exports account for a larger share of the ceramic industry, as a relatively high carbon emissions of traditional industry, ceramic industry in the coming years will face a new low-carbon barriers - the "carbon footprint" label certification. So what is "carbon footprint" mean? That is, through a set of scientific methods to calculate the products from raw materials, manufacturing, storage, sale, the whole process of waste to the recycling of carbon dioxide emissions.

In a few days, the "Eleventh Five-Year" will be history, at this critical juncture, many domestic enterprises suffered for the completion of "energy saving" the hard targets were power cuts in distress. In fact, although after a year of hard work, the industry of "low carbon" in the sense of ever-increasing, but this is limited to enterprises to improve economic efficiency and an energy-saving measures taken, demonstrates a business kinds of social responsibility, and even in some enterprises have been reduced to a publicity stunt. "Low carbon" and not as a rigid assessment indicators. However, in advocating low-carbon economy today, in developed countries to restrict developing countries to international markets through high consumption of a large number of inexpensive low-end products, the export situation, energy conservation and emission reduction targets in the country to complete the severe situation, " carbon footprint "label certification will be the trend, I believe that soon will become the lie in the international market for Chinese companies and a mandatory barriers.

For enterprises, the figure line world, "save energy" is far more "low-carbon economy" is much more affordable, more active. Companies more willing and effective technical means and ways to reduce production and operation of every aspect of consumption, in order to achieve the purpose to increase revenue, enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises. However, for "low-carbon ceramic" The target assessment is neither mandatory nor realistic path to choose public advocacy, business is essentially the concept of holding an identity, but the practical operation of the attitude of the difficulties, if the company suddenly out every aspect of production of carbon emissions data, the present, most enterprises still exist great difficulties.

Trade barriers under the market economy is a common and effective means of market protection, and "carbon footprint" certification is likely to become the next developed for the "Made in China" to take another trade protection measures. Implementation of the "carbon footprint" certification in the short term will certainly increase their operating costs, impact on China's exports in the international market share, but in the long run, it will encourage enterprises to adopt more effective means of enterprise every aspect of production and management for further quantitative assessment, to achieve each type of product, every aspect of carbon emissions each process of data management, and thus targeted to develop a more scientific and effective energy saving measures to make energy-saving ceramic industry emission reduction, clean production from the past turned to the extensive management and evaluation of data, procedures to enhance the management of assessment, to further clarify the upstream and downstream industry chain ceramic power structure, will optimize the ceramic industry chain to realize the ceramic industry, clean production, promote ceramic industrial restructuring play a greater role in promoting.

"Low carbon" is to force, "carbon footprint" label is more to the force. "Carbon footprint" label certification, not so much a new "carbon barrier", as it is a green passport to the international market, the enterprise into the international market must cross a threshold. Since the escape, but also squarely in the sights, enterprises can plan ahead, move ahead prepared to deal with in order on the international market in the future to seek a larger market share.

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