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Bone lead and cadmium and other hazardous substances

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Tangshan admiration long bone china ceramic mug, but unfortunately know little about, mostly the little knowledge about daily bone. Lifestyle Channel that looked up to people on ceramic Wang Liqi reports, want to go will be up to people that the so-called ceramic. Coincidentally, in an event in Shanghai, Hebei Chamber of Commerce met with Wang Liqi met, and then agreed, in his studio for the first time on Huiqi Tangshan bone china bone china dialogue.

Q: Can you tell us the history and characteristics of Tangshan bone?

Wang Liqi: In fact, China's bone (also known as bone china) is not a long history, the hometown of bone china in Europe two hundred years of history. Because the ancient Chinese porcelain have always been considered the most beautiful, storm clouds are broken, close to the natural beauty that is unmatched. The history of Chinese ceramics opened, almost all of celadon of the world, in the Northern Song Dynasty Ru Kiln five, Ge ware, including Yaozhou are celadon. Although Ding is white, but Ding's whiteness is a kind of milky white, and modern, or a big difference between bone china.

Home in Tangshan, China, bone china, and its history is very short, less than 50 years. Tangshan in 1964 began work on the development of bone china, and in 1973 a success. After several years of development, Tangshan bone to become the world's most recognized high-end kinds of porcelain, which fill the life of the Chinese high-grade porcelain blank, creating a new era of China's bone development. Tangshan is now mainly exported to the UK production
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