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Shandong Kunlun porcelain and together create a master craftsman Lu Celadon

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Since November 2010, wholesale ceramic printed mugs Shandong Kunlun Porcelain Company and the Master of Arts and Crafts Lu celadon works jointly created by the high-end consumers and collectors of all ages and sought after, the market price has been set back development of celadon Lu a new high since listing. This indicates that following the "Five Golden Flowers" (Zibo porcelain invented 5 new species) after the bloom and a wonderful ceramic Zibo Kunlun Porcelain Company is using the advanced operational concepts, the Shandong Zibo original of this rare celadon porcelain species, playing a performance of Chinese culture in the country kiln essence.

"Longquan celadon south, north Kunlun celadon." Seventies of last century, the original porcelain of Zibo, Zibo original use of talc porcelain kiln technology combined with unique firing the Lu celadon porcelain species because of this legendary series of Longquan celadon celadon same, but especially with "green dripping, Guanghua Long Run, "the characteristics of the ceramic industry is greatly concerned about and praise. Carved celadon porcelain in 1982, Lu Stationery Fair in Munich, Germany, thirty-fourth gold medal, which is ceramic products in China's first international gold medal won. As complex process, the kiln into a very low power, resulting in products have been denied normal production. 1998, took over the former Zibo Kunlun Porcelain Porcelain, and after a 10-year research and development for after the restart Lu celadon production.

Kunlun Porcelain focus on spiritual and cultural aspects of mining and technology to create Lu celadon. In the spirit of the culture, the promotion of Chinese Kunlun Porcelain inherit "Sheung Ching," the cultural traditions of modern celadon dig Lu cultural value, given its "spiritual encouragement, will carry your life" product content, so that products with a strong spirit of gravity. In process technology, successfully complete three Kunlun porcelain kiln firing techniques, not only the grade rate increased to 8%, and change the color of stiff hair usually die celadon defects, so the overall feel closer to modern people especially in the north people's aesthetic needs. custom cat ceramic mugs

Top species need to top artistic porcelain. Since 2010, the Kunlun innovation in art porcelain made a lot of satisfactory progress. They showed a series of works of traditional Chinese culture, such as plum bottles, ears bottle, trace (cong) devices, deer statue, Lotus stationery, have very high artistic quality; and national, provincial master craftsman to design series of works, such as 12-inch flat bottle "Confucius taught, like the line", "Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching", deer statue, "Le Leshan Water", thread bottles ears "Yueyang Tower", the ancient chariot 8 micro-engraved stationery "Sun Tzu Art of War, "" The Analects of Confucius ", etc., then the blending of traditional and modern artistic style, showing a distinct era celadon Lu characteristics.
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