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Litang in Guangxi checks Porcelain Ceramics, Porcelain LEADER

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Guangxi Bureau of Quality Supervision has recently informed the food-related samples test results of wholesale ceramic Starbucks mugs products for daily use, the product pass rate of 97.8% in kind.

The ceramic products for daily use were sampling a total of 223 batches of samples, found four batches of samples of lead leaching requirements do not meet the relevant standards, involving Beiliu brightly lit Porcelain Co., Ltd. 8.5 "flat soup plate edges, Litang in Guangxi Porcelain Co., Ltd. 6 "soup plate, Bobai County Peng Hua Porcelain Co., Ltd. 7" bucket bowl, wide Xijinlida Porcelain Co., Ltd. 6 "flat plate.

In addition, the Beiliu Yili batches Ceramic Co., Ltd. a 7 "disc thermal shock resistance of the samples do not meet the relevant standards.

When consumers buy ceramics for daily use, should pay attention to the following:

1, the appearance of quality. Observed by the naked eye the actual quality of the product, as we choose to buy should be no obvious surface defects-type structured products.

2, using the function. Buy a microwave oven with porcelain, you should avoid metal decorative products, such as with Phnom Penh, Silver or Golden paper, metal wire products mosaics; with dishwasher detergent products should be selected with the arc-shaped edge of thick strengthen the edge of the products, because such products can not be easily damaged in the washing process.

3, health and safety. Glaze, ceramic glaze color of lead, cadmium little or almost no, you can rest assured that purchase. Of the glaze color products, to reduce the lead content of, a vessel used to contain acidic food, should try to use less product surface decoration patterns.
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