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Countries in the world of ceramic mixed reaction to crisis

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
16th World Custom Ceramic Lipton mugs Forum held recently in China Taiwan to participate in the forum are China (including Taiwan), Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Japan, the United States and other ceramic tile producers with representatives of almost the ceramic production throughout the world, 80% of the share. Forum delegates discussed topics including the global consumption and production and consumption trends, the impact of financial crisis for the ceramics industry.

In 2008, the world's ceramic tile production rose to 85 million square meters, annual production is expected in 2009 and 2008 unchanged. Tile consumption in Asia increased to maintain a good momentum, but Europe, Japan and the United States the world's top ten economies in consumption from 2008 onwards tiles gradually decreased. As the financial crisis, this year's declines in sales of ceramic tile in some countries as much as 20% to 50%. So far, China, Brazil, Italy and Spain have been the world's ceramic tile production dominated the first few big countries. Representatives of other countries and regions as well as data reporting situation, a situation in China is fine, Italy, Spain, more powerful industry hit the U.S. market is full of future expectations.

The whole industry into the recovery position in China

Forum of the Chinese Government to stimulate domestic demand and China's vast rural market pull, the Chinese construction industry are in a crisis of adjustment and upgrading of the country, the annual output of over 6 billion square meters, exports only 6.7 million square meters, 88% of the domestic market, imports 0.06% market share of products, product prices are rising.

Product structure, 64% ceramic tile, interior wall tile 25, 7% Stoneware tiles, stoneware and fine stoneware tiles 4%, the low-end products accounted for more than 80%; first half of 2009, the whole industry into the "recovery" status, transfer and distribution industries across the country started again; decline in exports, domestic sales increase; lower production costs, corporate profits fell in the morning and synchronization; the entire industry through the most difficult period of basic, in March began to gradually enter the recovery phase.

Energy, industry consumes about 1.5 million tons per year of mineral raw materials, basic local materials, the Chinese government energy saving policy and export tax cut to 8% of the policies to help Chinese enterprises to ride out the storm played a role, the Chinese government has introduced a series of environmental policy, let the Chinese Ceramic Industry more concerned about environmental protection and social responsibility.

India is expected to grow 7%

While India by the economic crisis, 24% of the plants stop the kiln, the number of unemployed reached 40,000, but the Indian GDP has to grow, the Indian housing industry and pillar industry, IT has continued to grow, the future government plans will increase by 2,000 million units around the house building. Tile production increased by 20% last year, 3.9 million square meters. Currently, India's per capita consumption of tiles 0.36 square meters, there is still much room for development. Sales point of view, yield 70% rely on the domestic market. Tiles in the output of which accounts for 43%, and other floor tiles accounted for 40% of the 2,450 million square meters of imports and exports 1,400 million square meters. 2008 sales, the international market increased by 11%, imports increased by 24%. This year, the domestic market is expected to grow 7%.

German sales have encountered unprecedented difficulties profit

Tiles from the whole production is shrinking year by year in Germany last year, remained at 6,500 million square meters. 2009 has dropped 17 to 20%, sales have encountered unprecedented difficulties profits.

Production is expected to decline this year to reach Italy

Over the past two years by the Italian Federation of the continuous integration of the many chapters related to ceramics have joined together to form a more powerful system for the ceramic industry planarity economic crisis. The form of the current in the country, Italy is expected to decline this year to reach about 22% yield, reduce about 4,000 million square meters, sales are expected to decline approximately equivalent to about 18% to 4 billion euros. In terms of investment decreased by 8%, and approximately 7,500 million euros, but the contrast from the sales and marketing point of view, the investment ratio or to maintain a ratio in the past. Probably account for about 15% of sales. Exports from overseas, the Italian or to maintain the highest average price, the average of 10 euros per square meter of ceramic tiles, while the second is 8 euros in Spain, while the yield of superpower China, 4 euros. From the demand point of view, the Italian market fundamentals remain unchanged, because the Italian people will prefer to use ceramic products.

Decreasing output Spain

Tile industry is expected to be even more severe situation, the situation will be worse than in 2008. Spanish industry is now facing a double crisis: the financial crisis and the Spanish real estate market surplus. At present, the ceramic tile industry, the number of unemployed persons is probably around 8,000, the output will decrease in 2009 and 2007 to do the next comparison, production decreased by 55%, sales decreased by 37%. As significant decline in the domestic market demand, imports have also been reduced. As the financial crisis, exports were restricted, while the exchange rate also affected the export industry.

Indonesia was the economy in recent years, exports

Indonesia, the domestic political situation has stabilized, the cabinet selection completed this year. Productivity to reach 350 million square meters of floor tiles, there are 250 million household porcelain, sanitary ware 4.5 million, the value of 8 billion U.S. dollars. Main export countries are the United States, Australia and Europe, these 3 countries. However, due to the economic crisis, these 3 countries is affected by more serious, neighboring countries, Malaysia, 1,900 million square meters of annual production, 6,300 million square meters in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia remained flat, so not very export boom in recent years.

Brazil had to rely on the domestic market

From the Brazilian point of view, employing a decrease of 8%, production decreased by 11%. The Brazilian domestic market increased by 7%, 13% reduction in the overseas market. Brazil, the main export countries are the United States ceramic tile, but sales fell 63% last year , while exports to Latin American countries such as the products also reduced a lot. Imports increased by 23%, in which 23%, almost all imports come from Chinese products. 3.9 square meters per capita consumption of ceramic tiles, the ceramic industry from the Brazilian point of view, or rely on the domestic market.

The United States has gone through a most difficult time

U.S. market has been the most difficult times, from the first half of 2009 data, the consumption of 650 million square feet tile, only half of the same period in 2008, and now is picking up. Now the housing market began to rebound in October over-year second-hand housing 10.1%, sales of 6.1 million units, real estate, generally as a leading indicator of building materials, from this point of view, more optimistic about the future market. The U.S. market is mainly imported. Trends from the global production, to 07-08 from all major producing countries, changes in tile little difference is expected in 2009 the situation will continue in 2008, not many changes. Over the past year, in terms of the global ceramic tile industry is the most difficult year, despite rising production, but corporate profits are falling, in addition to China, Brazil, Vietnam and a few domestic sales growth, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, the United States, a sharp decline in consumption of ceramic tiles, and will have an impact on the future.
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