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Daily-use ceramics market warming modern

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-6
Ceramic products and seat of everyday life by consumers of ornamental supplies. Except for the ancient ceramics collection, "modern and contemporary China" by the heat and collection in adolescents in recent years gradually rise. In China, as the representative of the creative industry "blue porcelain", "the Chinese light porcelain" currently Shanghai world expo displayed, its elegant modelling, superb technology and the audience.

The market situation, "blue porcelain", "light" best-known Chinese porcelain mugs

In recent years, except in ceramics collection field in ancient China, Tibet has kilns collectibles have culture connotation and visual aesthetic feeling of appreciation of modern contemporary ceramic also deeply teahouses.

The original design of merger, western style, have stereo artistic effect of porcelain, in recent years by aged 35-60 years old of social economy, its main crowd love even called "3D art colour porcelain". According to the jingdezhen porcelain industry limited company law blue WuReLin relevant principals, law blue porcelain established in 2001, its product new Art Nouveau Art (west), fluent line, perfect the Oriental elegance with the humanistic qualities, and with the nature, bug bird in the fields and rhythm, three-dimensional modelling in Art works, to bring into your life. "The blue porcelain" customers, even as lady seven well-known American actress barbra streisand to collect, even the Nepal named queen of French blue porcelain also fondle admiringly.

Daily-use ceramics market warming modern "blue porcelain" best-known

According to the reporter, will appear in December of guangzhou "han light porcelain" was launched in 1999, the new porcelain under fire in 1400 degrees Celsius, bibulous rate is zero, the temperature of glazed adornment break the traditional technology of color, the porcelain gloss, completely and so on a series of indexes set a world record of porcelain. Different from traditional porcelain, "white, pure", and "han light porcelain", "the embodiment of Chinese light porcelain" has been granted the national patent inventions and 400 many design patent. The Shanghai museum WangQingZheng authoritative expert evaluation of ceramic once: "han Chinese porcelain is in the best light of China". But owing to complex material and production process, "han light in experimental porcelain", "the market small-scale production stage.

Contemporary Chinese porcelain industry development view - faced with two big competition

For the development of contemporary China, guangzhou luxury exhibition organizers bo international group President LiangYiXin said: "though China's ceramic powers, two-thirds of the world from China, but most of China's cheap products. In the 1970s export porcelain average every 30 cents, decades passed, now still in export processing porcelain prices hovered around 30 cents. China urgently needs to solve ceramics industry upgrading and improving the product."

LiangYiXin thinks, the development of contemporary China's top ceramic mug factory, facing two big competition, an ancient Chinese official, the second is the world famous luxury brand - royal porcelain of Europe. "How to break through competition, be worth us to get together.

The international market, the RMB currency appreciation daily-use ceramics faced losses

From the Chinese arts and crafts in China import and export Chambers that export enterprises above designated size light in profits, and generally below 5% scale enterprise margin is 2%. Because China's light industries, low threshold into technical content is low, bargaining power is weak, the small and medium-sized enterprises, and long-term excess capacity serious malign competition, exchange rate appreciation by raising prices to transfer cost, can let enterprise internal digestion.
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