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Personalization of advertising ceramic mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2024-1-29
Xin xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, To pursue the personalized design of advertising mugs, it is necessary to do more publicity on the image of the mug body. An ordinary mug, as long as the personalized

pattern printed on the body of the mug, this mug is not just a mug, it is a kind of art in itself, which not only improves its own value, but also the price will certainly rise. So, how to personalize the image outside the mug?

Image is best to have the most fashionable elements of the moment, which can be printed on the age group of consumers can be some cartoon patterns, star photos, this photo can also choose their own life photos, etc., in the appearance of impressing people this is the main thing.

1. Classification of advertising mugs

Common ceramic advertising mug according to the production process is divided into: ceramic printing mug and ceramic coating mug.

1). Ceramic printing mug: ceramic applique, is to use the paste method to move the color pattern on the paper to the ceramic body or glaze, also known as "flower shift", is the most widely used modern ceramics, a decorative technique. Pattern decoration to rely on printing reproduction method to achieve, that is, directly on the object printing patterns. For shaped and special requirements of the substrate material and substrate, it is necessary to use indirect decorative method.

2). Ceramic coating mugs: coated mugs are able to complete the transfer of the picture, how is it done? There are several important materials and a special process.

First, the surface of the mug has a special coating, hence the name coated mug. Secondly, the flower paper and ink for heat transfer printing are not ordinary. On the basis of these two hard materials, a heat transfer machine is needed to print the pattern onto the mug. Coated mugs are printed using heat sublimation transfer, where heat transfer ink is sublimated onto the coated ceramic mug at a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius. Heat transfer mugs are more flexible and easy to print the image.

2. Characteristics of advertising mugs

1). Disseminate information and feedback information through advertisement to provide information basis for business management decision.
2). Shape a good corporate image through advertising, to attract talented people for the enterprise.
3). Guide consumers to normal and healthy consumption.
4). Promote the development of public welfare and spread social civilization.
5). Improve and enhance product image and enterprise image.
6). Improve the visibility of enterprises and products.

3. The advantages of ceramic advertising mug

Ceramic advertising mug, is one of the most "gift" want to advertise the way, economic value, green, wide range of high-frequency, permanent advertising, with advertising to the home, drinking water to think of the source of the effect, according to the enterprise advertising, promotional needs, will be the trademark information and creative planning tailor-made to the body of the cup.
1). Price advantage: as a promotional product or gift, the general price of the mug is not high, the surface can be printed with your company's text and graphics.
2). Practicality: as a daily necessity, it is one of the higher use rate of daily necessities, drinking water, imagine if your customers in the company or at home every day with your mug, a glass of milk, Qingtian, all the time not let him think of you, family at home, colleagues or friends in the company, in itself is a piece of mobile advertising.
3). Any pattern can be printed on the mug, looks elegant, fashionable, very personalized, with practicality, art and durability and other multiple effects. The company's logo, advertising slogan printed on the mug into an advertising mug, is the best choice for corporate image publicity products, product promotion publicity products, event souvenirs.

The improvement of people's living standards, pay more attention to the enhancement of the taste of life, reflected in the choice of daily necessities pay more attention to the performance of the spiritual value. Users pick the mug, will be more emphasis on the cup and their own pair, the mug of personalized design can reflect the user's appreciation of the eye.

In short, advertising cups can maximize their own expression through a simple mug. In this society that focuses on personality display, the future market of this industry will be unprecedentedly huge. As long as you are willing to invest, the return is unpredictable.
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