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Eight years after the difficult conversion of Renminbi into U.S.

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Held on 8 December custom ceramic mugs the Fourth China Ceramic Industry Export Forum, the China Ceramic Industry Association Marketing Branch of Deputy Secretary-General Yu Feng and Foshan Ceramics Section, Liang Boqing Exit Inspection and Quarantine, National Key Laboratory of market testing of ceramic Liu Yamin, Director informed the latest year, exports of ceramic.

Yu Feng speech at the forum revealed that: 1-9 months of this year, the country exported 607 million square meters of ceramic tiles, an increase of 21.64%, the export value of $ 2,739,000,000, an increase of 3.38%. Sanitary ware exports of 40 million, the value of $ 5.65.

Liu Yamin said in his briefing: Since January 1, 2011, the EU will implement the ENS (Entry Summary Declaration), that is on the way to EU ports to or enforcement of all cargo "manifest early to declare" rule, the rule applies in all 27 EU member states. ENS (Entry Summary Declaration), is the "entry summary declaration" of the English abbreviation. Several non-EU countries such as Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, the EU will implement similar rules ENS.

Liu Yamin also revealed that recently, the National Intellectual Property teleconference meeting. From October this year to next year's March was designated as the Intellectual Property Protection Month. This period will crack down on fake and shoddy products and intellectual property rights, in particular, to vigorously investigate the case of large fake and shoddy products, cracked down hard on forged documents, Inspection and Quarantine behavior.

Liang Boqing In doing that: the whole building and sanitary ceramics present a more severe export situation, especially the EU countries to take vigorous anti-dumping measures, and a variety of certification is also particularly high. He believes that the main factors affecting exports: First, the issue of RMB appreciation. At present, many companies dare to take a big step; the second is the issue of tariff barriers. China anti-dumping for 16 consecutive years. Is a WTO member country with the largest barriers encountered. Light had 29 in 2010, of which two tiles. Expected for the tile behind the anti-dumping will happen, such as Brazil, India and other countries producing tiles; three technical barriers. Current technical barriers more and more. More subtle than the technical barriers to tariff barriers, because its surface for all countries and regions. Individual involved is no reason why countries have reacted strongly. Although the question of the safety of tile there are no other products seriously, but only questions the importing country, exporting countries have no way to escape. And often, once a certificate is invalid import Congress immediately introduced a new certification. Such as the recent certification of carbon label, the future will be more severe. wholesale mini ceramic mugs

Liang Boqing analysis, said: domestic situation is not good this year, next year the national implementation of the stable, flexible and prudent fiscal policy, the domestic situation is not good, it means more to fight the export business. Coupled with industry-wide excess capacity, especially in high security areas and other new production duplication, overlap the market seriously, resulting in doubling the thrust of the export industry. In addition, the countries to reduce trade friction, increase intellectual property protection, counterfeiting, trade documents and other acts to intensify the crackdown. These are next year's exports of ceramic tiles and at unfavorable factors.

Is known as the "godfather of Chinese exports of ceramic tiles," the hundred Tao Group (Asia Ceramics Holdings Limited) at the meeting, President PO boldly took the lead and even prediction: the next eight years, the conversion of RMB and U.S. dollar will reach 4:1. As for the prospect with the RMB settlement he is also very good. The latest news is that the Sino-Russian trade has begun to use the ruble settlement.

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