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Introduction to bone ceramic coffee cups from around the world

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2023-4-26
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1. The British royal family and the upper-middle class in the United States often use bone china mugs for tea. The moment you met bone china, the aristocratic qualities in her bones were inadvertently revealed.
2. Porcelain originated in China, but bone china was created in the United Kingdom. It was a special porcelain for the British royal family for a long time. Just now, bone china is also a symbol of the identity and status of the owner.
3. A bone china collector once said that one should communicate with bone china through touch, sight and hearing. If you are puzzled, you should hold the bone china in your hand and observe the transparency of the bone china in the light. Feel the fineness and hardness of the china with your hand, and then lightly flick it with your index finger and thumb, you can hear the bone The porcelain "ding" made a crisp sound.

4. The British royal family and the upper-middle class in the United States drink tea and use bone china mugs. They have been favored by the British royal family for more than two hundred years. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana are all their distinguished guests.
5. The moment you meet bone china, the aristocratic temperament contained in her bones is inadvertently so elegant. Since the enlightenment era in the 18th century, bone china has shined in the royal family of Europe and became the bones on the dining table of the nobility. Bone china has been used by the British royal family for nearly 250 years. Queen Catherine of Russia is also a loyal supporter of bone china. She once owned 952 bone china, from the feast of President Roosevelt’s White House in 1902 to the Queen Mary in 1935. The maiden voyage of a luxury cruise ship, until the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth in 1953, was a feast recorded in the annals of history, bone china tableware always stood proudly in its exquisite posture. Ordinary people who pay attention to the quality of life in Oulu, it is easy to see the elegant hostess brewing flower tea with bone china. The gentle golden borders seem to outline the details of a perfect life. There are many bone chinaware that have been favored by the royal family. When washing bone china mug and watching the light penetrate the soft milky white, you might as well integrate the meticulousness of life into the stunner in your hand, and you will achieve another story that has been passed down for centuries.

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