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Shandong Ceramic Industry Status and Development Plan

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2023-4-12
Xin xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Shandong Province is located in eastern China and the lower reaches of the Yellow River. It is one of the major coastal provinces and cities in my country. The total land area is 156,700 square kilometers, accounting for about 1.6% of the country's total area, ranking 19th in the country. The total population of Shandong in 2008 reached 94.175 million.

Shandong is a famous large-scale Shandong ceramic production area in China, and Zibo and Linyi are the concentrated representatives of Shandong ceramics. Zibo is located at the intersection of the Luzhong Mountains and the Lubei Plain in the middle of Shandong. It has unique geographical advantages. It is connected to Mount Tai in the south, the Yellow River in the north, the coastal tourist cities of Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai in the east, and the spring city of Jinan in the west. Zibo is a cluster city, governing five districts: Zhangdian, Boshan, Zichuan, Zhoucun, Linzi and three counties of Huantai, Yiyuan, and Gaoqing. The Jiqing Expressway runs from east to west in the city.
Zibo is an important industrial and tourist city in Shandong Province, with a total area of 6000 square kilometers and a population of 4 million. Linyi City is located in the southeast of Shandong Province, bordering the Yellow Sea and the north of Jiangsu in the south. Now it has jurisdiction over 9 counties and 3 districts, 180 towns, sub-districts, 7151 administrative villages (residents), 10.36 million people, with a total area of 17,200 square kilometers. Plains, mountainous areas, and hills each account for one-third of the population. The largest city in area.
Linyi has many types of mineral resources. There are 82 kinds of minerals with discovered and proven reserves. Among them, the reserves of diamonds rank second in the country, and the reserves of quartz sandstone, ceramic soil, dolomite and granite rank first in the province. Now Linyi is the second largest ceramic producing area in Shandong. The development of Shandong ceramics industry has unique advantages in raw material resources. It has been proved that the reserves of local limestone resources in Shandong reach 1 billion tons, of which the reserves of the three larger limestone mines are all over 300 million tons. Quartz sandstone, Shandong ceramic clay, ceramic clay and other production ingredients all have large reserves, and individual raw materials are the only producing areas in Shandong Province.
Zibo City is also an important coal producing area in Shandong Province, with an annual output of 10 million tons of coal. In addition, natural gas pipelines have been transported to the main industrial production areas of Shandong ceramics. It has laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of the ceramic industry.
A large number of private enterprises represented by Zibo Taishan Porcelain Industry, Huayang, Guohua, Shuangfeng, Shandong Futai, Hongda, Zhongqiang, and Xinxiang Ceramics have sprung up. After the founding of New China, Shandong Ceramics recovered and developed rapidly. The production technology is continuously improved, and the degree of mechanization of each production process is continuously improved. In the past, Zibo had a Boshan Ceramic Factory organized by more than 100 private kiln factories, with 5,000 employees and selling products in more than 30 countries. A relatively complete ceramic industry foundation has been initially formed.

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