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The production process of Chinese ceramic knives

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2022-10-23
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Factory, Mixed ingredients: ball mill-vibratory mill-ball mill-add glue-ball mill.
Compacted body: The dry powder compaction process of ceramic blades requires high powder morphology, powder surface charge status and granulation of mixed powders, so the compacting process is more difficult;
Green body degumming: The degumming process of ceramic blades is similar to the production process of cemented carbide tools; GPS+HIP treatment: the sintering process adopts atmosphere protected sintering (GPS) + hot isostatic pressing (HIP) treatment technology;

Blade sharpening: the sharpening quality of ceramic blades has a great impact on the performance of the tool; test knife: for ceramic blades produced in different batches and at different times, in addition to monitoring their performance indicators, they should also be tested before leaving the factory. Shank tools usually have rectangular shank, cylindrical shank and tapered shank. Turning tools, planers, etc. are generally rectangular shanks; tapered shanks rely on taper to bear axial thrust and transmit torque by friction; cylindrical shanks are generally suitable for smaller twist drills, end mills and other tools. The friction force generated transmits the torsion moment. The shank of many shank tools is made of low-alloy steel, while the working part is made of high-speed steel butt-welded two parts. The working part of the tool is the part that generates and processes chips, including the cutting edge, the structure that breaks or rolls the chips, the space for chip removal or storage, and the passage of cutting fluid.
The working part of some tools is the cutting part, such as turning tools, planers, boring cutters and milling cutters, etc.; the working part of some tools includes cutting parts and calibration parts, such as drills, reamers, reamers, and inner surface drawing. Wholesale Ceramic knife and tap etc. The function of the cutting part is to remove chips with the cutting edge, and the function of the calibration part is to polish the machined surface and guide the tool.

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