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Tangshan, export ceramics for daily use to achieve positive growth to break down

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
February, custom ceramic wood mugs with lid Tangshan Ceramics momentum of a turnaround in the export decline, the Bureau of Tangshan inspection, the value of $ 3,670,600 for the smooth export of ceramics for daily use the United States, European Union and other countries and regions, the value increased by 54.90% year on year. This is from 2008 Tangshan Ceramics in July exports continued to decline for the first time in 19 months to achieve positive growth.

Ceramics is a large traditional exports in Tangshan area, employing thousands of people, to promote economic development of Tangshan trade played an important role. However, the financial crisis, increasingly run up by foreign technical trade barriers and internal management factors such as relatively backward, ceramics exports began from July 2008 continued to decline. In order to reverse this negative trend, Bureau of Tangshan in 2009, on the basis of helping to further increase the assistance, and with enterprises to overcome the difficulties.

An in-depth research the measures, the prosecution rate and development efforts

Tangshan Ceramic mostly general export porcelain, bone china products, new product development is lagging behind, the variety of aging, low price as an obstacle to export. Combined with individual enterprises to compete for export markets, at the bargain with each other, affecting the health of the export industry of ceramics for daily use and orderly development. In this regard, in January of this year, Tangshan Council to carry out enterprise management review by the machine, someone in-depth business research organization, listen to businesses currently in ceramic production, management, operation and other aspects of the difficulties and problems, to find out the ceramic industry in Tangshan export situation, the existence of the common risks and problems. On the basis of careful investigation and analysis, ceramic enterprises to establish an information sharing mechanism is proposed, the implementation of brand strategy, speed up product upgrading, develop diversified markets a number of recommendations were adopted and implemented enterprise. ceramic mug latte

Second, innovative ideas about effectiveness, reducing the burden speed things correct

Labor-intensive exports of ceramic products, volume, low profit margins, while the storage, transportation and other intermediaries to spend a large portion of the cost of inspection and quarantine department of the ceramic products to be exported only after passing inspection, testing technology for ceramic content, Therefore, the relatively long experimental period. In this regard, according to Bureau of Tangshan, the relevant provisions of enterprise management, reduce the quality management system, the export product quality and stability of the general white porcelain flower child, and production companies outside the sampling batch; based on product risk, low risk ceramic products and export a large quantity of second-class enterprises, "the daily cycle of test + monitoring + lot testing," the inspection and supervision model, export ceramics in ensuring the quality of security, not only reduces the burden on enterprises, but also enhance the clearance rate.

Third, go for the quality of guidance provided to address barriers to bear fruit

For Europe, the United States and other countries on the export of ceramic products in China set up on lead, cadmium, radioactive and other health standards, technical barriers, Tangshan Bureau timely follow the latest changes in international testing standards related to the same time, in-depth production line, grab the source quality, and strict process control, retrospective investigation and risks, and guide enterprises to accelerate technological innovation, product quality and responsibility to implement and guide the company's technical requirements for different countries to establish appropriate standards for plant inspection and quality control standards, targeted response to foreign technical barriers. Inspection by the Bureau of Tangshan products are smooth customs clearance in foreign countries.

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