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What is a mug? How to customize good quality and cheap ceramic mugs?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2022-7-4
From Xin xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Mug is transliterated from the English mug, which refers to a mug with a handle. In Chinese, the transliteration of mug-cup is "Mug cup".
Mug is also the general name for customized ceramic mug with handle and the nickname for coffee mug. Starbucks, a brand loved by coffee lovers, uses its own brand name mug. Starbucks City Mug will have different designs according to the characteristics of each city. Certain mugs can only be bought in certain cities, except for Starbucks. There will also be the English name of the city. Many people who love Starbucks go to different countries and cities to buy different Starbucks City Mugs as souvenirs and become collections.

Mug is a kind of home-made mug, generally used for hot drinks such as milk, coffee, tea and so on. Some western countries also use the habit of drinking soup in mugs during work breaks. The mug body is generally standard cylindrical or similar cylindrical and has a handle on one side of the mug body. The shape of the handle is usually a half ring. Usually the material is pure porcelain, glazed porcelain mugs, glass, stainless steel or plastic. There are also a few mugs made of natural stone, which are generally more expensive. The mugs have rich shapes and diverse colors. On the premise of achieving the basic application purpose of a beverage container, the mug body can be designed into different shapes such as animals, plants, and animated characters. The handle also has a large ring, a small ring, and even a split ring. Mugs commonly used at home can generally hold 150ml to 350ml of liquid. There are also a few large beer mugs that can hold about 500 ml of liquid.

The biggest difference between mugs and Chinese teamugs is that they are larger in size and thicker to maintain the temperature of hot drinks. For the convenience of use, most of the porcelain mugs are designed to be directly used in the microwave oven and into the dishwasher, but there are a few special cases that need to be used and maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions. Before the 17th century, Europeans could only produce glazed pottery. The strength was very low. Once the mug handle was attached, it would fall off easily when holding it. So early mugs had a metal sleeve, which was not an early luxury. , But a kind of helplessness, their mugs can't be picked up. Later, Europeans discovered that the texture of Chinese ceramics was very strong, not to mention that they couldn't be broken or they couldn't be broken. So Europeans made a large number of these ceramic mugs in China.

Customize good quality and cheap ceramic mugs, from Xin Xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer Co., Ltd located in Shandong province China, which is one of the most famous ceramic producing Area. After experienced 22 years of ceramic business and development, we become a professional and reliable ceramic mugs supplier. Our annual turn-over more than RMB300millons .Our factory have SEDEX audit, NBCU audit, Disney audit, Wal-mart audit ect......

Xinxiang mug manufacturer business include ceramic mugs, ceramic coffee cups,sublimation mugs, tea cups and saucers, fine bone china mugs, promotional mugs, eco cups, musical/melody mugs, color changing mug/magic cups, solid color mugs ,coated mug, dinnerware sets, tableware, couple mugs, plates, bowls ect, Materials: custom porcelain mugs, wholesale sublimation mugs, magnesia strengthen porcelain, fine bone china . There are variety designs and shapes for your selection, customers' own designs are welcomed.

Xinxiang mug manufacturer provide all goods with high quality at competitive prices, those help us own all of our customers' Trust. The customers are mainly from East-south Asia, European, Africa, America...... We will keep in working hard and truly hope to become your most reliable supplier in China.

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