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Calligraphy help out european luxury ceramic coffee mug set

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November 7, Dongguan custom ceramic mugs, Shenzhen, the General Assembly in rich red mahogany Arts Centre wealth of Chinese porcelain of Dehua marketing center in Dongguan celebration of red. The opening scene, the exquisite calligraphy masters of calligraphy show attracted a large audience to watch as the opening of this wealth and the biggest bright spot of red ceramic.

The "master of calligraphy Jinling", "Calligraphy of Cantonese Opera", "China Cao Sheng," said Lu Hsing Wu and Wu Jingtian famous calligrapher calligraphy president for live performances. Wu vigorous strokes and president of the book "Chinese one product rich red." Miss the old calligraphy show will climax the celebration ceremony, a land split on the old hands, concentrating, all in one, like in the days of the Dragon "sea of clouds" word detonate live rounds of applause.

It is understood that under the tutelage of money Songyan Lu Hsing Wu, Huang Yang-hui two masters. In Nanjing, a strong background in painting and calligraphy art, calligraphy, learning from the since-year-old. After more than 60 years during the molding hard training, hundreds of cream melting in a furnace. Cheng Lu ancestors of the true mass, smoking Wang essence, satisfied Zhang Xu, Huai Su of the mad spirit, a unique style, dreams of, in particular, pure lines of the "wire cursive" is a must at home and abroad.

Old Lu is not only good at cursive, and right-hand man aplomb, writing small print can be refined to 2 cm to 190 cm can be written in large characters, especially a husband more than 2 feet of the huge masterpiece is a magnificent atmosphere, fully reflects the profound artistic attainments Old Lu endless sea gas charisma. The scene of writing "sea of clouds" impressed by the presence of all the audience. european luxury ceramic coffee mug set

Red for the wealth on display ceramics, even said the old land, rich red ceramic seeing is believing. Over the years, Dehua porcelain in the country increased visibility, as the representative of Dehua porcelain is rich red famous, especially the high-temperature glaze technology internally only solution, frequently appear in the country gift occasions, called "one China no. " Many artists competing to become one of the acquisition of the collection.

"On the rich red, previously I have some understanding, often heard friends talk about some of calligraphy, my colleague, Mr. Shen Peng, and also for the rich collector Mr. Shi Shuqing red inscriptions. Today, visit the Cultural Exhibition Hall, Dongguan wealth after The overall feeling is that I heard as a view, rich red ceramic pieces can be said to Need. "Lu explained the old, rich red ceramics, there are two important characteristics, namely, the appearance not only very enjoyable, and there are many of the works have good ideas and culture, is the atmosphere. For example, "Heaven and Earth radius," "natural consonance" and "new plum bottle" and other works, is through the ceramic art of traditional Chinese culture to explain some of the concepts. Second, the rich red of ceramics in the "red" and "rich" folk of the symbols of these two semantic spare article, the concept of folk culture will be interpreted very stylish, very elegant, and truly tastes of the realm.

Industry sources, calligraphy, art and ceramic art in the Chinese art and culture are two very important elements, calligraphy, ceramic art, and the combination of rich red is the development trend of Chinese art.

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